Lindsay Lohan In A Bikini

By Lex August 08, 2014 @ 9:28 AM

Lindsay Lohan In A White Bikini At The Beach In Mykonos
Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety buddies are worried that Lindsay has fallen off the wagon and is now hiding out in Europe to avoid confrontation. Worrying seems a bit pointless as it’s almost certain to be true. RadarOnline has paid an anonymous single source who once saw Lindsay across the street at an AA meeting to confirm everybody’s worst fears:

Lindsay has abandoned her friends and her sober community. She has stopped responding to our texts and calls and is basically ignoring everyone now. She’s getting the texts because they show up as read; she’s just not answering.

Sobriety friends are just like bad clingy girlfriends. They know you’ve read their texts which only infuriates them even more. Here’s a thought, if you’re really Lindsay’s friend then you’ll understand how important booze and drugs are to her happiness. Instead of sending her pleading bitchy texts she’s probably giggling while reading with whoever she’s drunk fucking in Greece now, how about you send her a bottle of the good American whiskey which is impossible to find in Europe. Love your friends for who they are or you’re not a real friend at all. You’re just Oprah.

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    Roadshitter6.5 08/08/2014 09:48

    She’s going to look like skeletor Bette Davis of the late years before she’s 35.
    Can’t we all just enjoy her for her tits while they last?

  2. avatar
    oshawawolf 08/08/2014 15:37

    She’s a ditch for cum

  3. avatar
    fabots13 08/08/2014 15:58

    I’d still like to play with her mommy bags…..just wouldn’t want my friends to know

  4. avatar
    Puritan 08/08/2014 16:33

    This chick is fucked up. Her idea of a great vacation:

    - booze
    - semen
    - coke

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