Megan Hawkins Is Proud Of Herself

August 26, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Model Megan Hawkins was shot while standing next to Suge Knight at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA party and apparently considers this a huge accomplishment. Hawkins posted several zany photos documenting her goofy hospital stay after being shot in the ass with a 9 millimeter. The fact that this stray bullet could have killed her makes it all the more thrilling, like slipping off the restraining bar when you get on the Goliath at Six Flags or asking for yesterday’s shrimp at a Red Lobster. Surely Hawkins’ parents are glad they have been paying her rent, because hanging out with Chris Brown and getting shot is one to brag to the neighbors about next block party. If Hawkins can suck off James Franco her Under 25 in Hollywood bucket list will be complete.

Hawkins might have used her hospital stay to reflect on narrowly missing death, but seems firmly entrenched in a lifestyle of shaking her ass in front of the world’s least interesting criminals. She will no doubt continue living it up in LA until she inevitably develops a massive coke problem and moves back to wherever she came from to cover football for Channel 6. It will make a great story to tell her grandkids when they ask why they’ve never met her.

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