Nicki Minaj Lies About Wardrobe Malfunction

August 26, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Nicki Minaj has been steadily denying her staged and yawn worthy dress malfunction at the VMA Awards was done on purpose. Minaj must be aware that having your dress slip off is exponentially more embarrassing when you admit you did it on purpose to draw attention away from your vapid stage performance. She has offered vehement denials about the stunt, even though several people saw her rehearsing it beforehand. It was actually kind of hot the way she appeared vulnerable and exposed until you realized it was on purpose which just made it kind of cheap and rapey. Its like finding out the Charles Dickens back story on your favorite porn star and the suspension of reality becomes more and more difficult. Minaj’s claim that she ran out of time to zip up the dress while changing is more than suspicious. Unlike a game of Jenga, putting on a dress has very little variation in time. You pretty much know what you are getting into, and whether or not you can do it, especially when you’ve tried it on and rehearsed before hand. Minaj apparently had just enough time to put it on, but not zip it up. That’s like having enough time to become aroused but not put on a condom, nobody’s buying it, I’ve tried.

Photo credit: MTV

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