Pierce Brosnan Is Cursed With The Handsome

August 22, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Pierce Brosnan claims he lost an opportunity to star in the 90’s film Angela’s Ashes because he was too handsome. Brosnan said he called Frank McCourt, the author of the tearjerker novel the movie is based on, and was given the Heisman. It seems unusual that McCourt would have any real say in casting decisions for the movie version of his book. Studios pay these authors a buttload of money to smile and stay the fuck out of the process. Telling someone they are too good looking when they aren’t right for the part is just part of the Irish tradition of being cordial before you bare knuckle the crap out of each other and then make up in a sobbing hug of blood and friendship. Brosnan is undeniably a very pretty man but not the most diverse actor out there. A film about famine and religious oppression does not preclude good looking people, just those who wink a lot and give Fuck Me Eyes to the bust wench doling out their mush.

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