Rob Ford Makes Kids Roll In Goose Shit (VIDEO)

By Matt August 29, 2014 @ 7:14 AM

A few years ago Rob Ford was volunteering as assistant coach for a high school football team and according to newly released documents he abused the shit out of them. Another coach testified that Ford would show up hammered and scream and yell at the kids like that drunk uncle you mock until he hits you with a shovel. For all his lovable loser antics, if Ford really “made the players roll in goose scat” I have to wash my hands of him. Surely when you are wasted and high to the gills on a daily basis you’re going to do some misguided shit, but rolling kids in feces crosses the line. I was more than fine with him grabbing secretarial ass, falling down like a funny fat man, and bragging about eating pussy. His extraordinarily common behavior should have served as an inspiration to politicians across the land. Like most things in life it may have been too good to be true. Ford wasn’t just a walking Chris Farley sketch, he was a mean drunk who probably scarred a bunch of kids who are already being punished by playing football in Canada. I’m still going to laugh when Ford tumbles down his next flight of stairs, I’m just going to be rooting for a vertebrae snap this time.

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    DrainBammage 08/29/2014 08:27

    Fat litle tubby fscks got some bird shit on their extra tight jerseys right next to the grape jelly and lasagna stains. Boo fscking hoo.

    Did he diddle them? Finger fsck them like a catholic priest?

    Playing football is its own punishment and once you get past the brain damage, enlarged hearts and obesity problems most of them will face in life, rolling in bird poo isnt a big problem.

    Seeing fat sweating butterballs stuffed into shiny lycra tights on the other hand should be considered a crime against humanity.

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