Suge Knight Ain't Talking

Suge-Knight-With-Cigar According to unreliable TMZ reports that actually make sense, Suge Knight told authorities he didn't see anything or anyone related to being shot between two and six times at Chris Brown's fun times pre-VMA's party. Suge Knight is old school. He's no snitch. When he tells the police he didn't see shit, that means he knows exactly who tried to off him. As if mere bullets could ever stop Suge Knight. He's half Lycan, half chili-cheese fries. I wouldn't normally promote vigilante justice, but Suge Knight is a pretty experienced vigilante. This won't be his first kill. Maybe a few bystanders will get clipped too, but that's not much different than police collateral damage these days. An eye for an eye and a bullet for a bullet. When fat Suge Knight rises, you are already dead.

Photo credit: Splash News