Tori Amos Is In Denial

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Tori Amos had a rough time coming to grips with turning fifty, and in the process tricked herself into believing a bunch of her own bullshit. Amos said she was worried her performances would suffer as she got older and that she wouldn’t be able to ‘rock’ the people who listen to her on elevators and at Macaroni Grills. Amos came to the realization that musicians should keep playing well into their later years, and that you should not die a little every time you see Mick Jagger dancing around like an antique bobble head with a sock stuffed in his slacks.

“The last year has been a very challenging time for me, going from 49 to 50, for all kinds of reasons. And she [my daughter] was the one who said to me… ‘you have got to promise me that you’re going to get your head around this, because if you don’t get your head around this and you don’t go rock as hard as you did 20 years ago, what is your message to me, mom? You’re telling me that 50 isn’t as powerful as 30.”

When a 30 year old rock star slams back a few lines of coke and participates in an orgy in the clubhouse of Dodger Stadium its endearing. When you’re old enough to be a grandparent its just creepy. It’s good Amos is coming to terms with her age, but lets not pretend people will be shotgunning beers in the parking lot to go ballistic to the tune of a 50 year old lady playing piano. I’ll go ahead and say 30 is better than 50, but I look forward to a geriatric Amos attempting to stage dive off of her Hoveround and chasing backstage tequila shots with Ensure shakes.

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