Adrian Peterson Re-Suspended

September 17, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Outside of being gay in Hollywood or fat in Michigan, the easiest stereotype to fall into is self-righteous about how other people raise their children. Adrian Peterson is a clueless jock who doesn’t understand why being a two weeks every summer celebrity bio dad doesn’t lend itself to bruising up your kid with switches. But the moral outrage and clutching of pearls that goes on with the media and commenters. Jesus. Trust me, you’re not that great of a parent. There are tons of kids in this country being really hurt everyday that aren’t better served by pontification from reporters and screeds from Budweiser about being sweet and tender.

The Minnesota Vikings had originally reinstated Adrian Peterson to play this weekend, but now they’ve re-suspended him. No facts changed in the case, just the public outrage ramped up from every corner. Politicians, pundits, website commenters, some chick who Oprah paid to experiment with lesbian sex. The Vikings crumbled. Issued apologies for not, you know, overreacting sooner.

Other than being a dumbass, Adrian Peterson has not been convicted of a single thing. Even what he’s charged with is likely to lead to minimal, if any, judicial system punishment given the pervasively common use of switches by the jury of his peers. He ought not put his hands on his part-time kids ever again, but making him the face of child abuse and stripping him of his livelihood? That seems a bit abusive.

Yeah, that’s a picture above of Adrian Peterson adjusting hearing aids for disadvantaged kids in Uganda. When’s the last time you flew to Uganda to do something nice?

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