Ray Lewis Statue Unveiled in Baltimore

September 4, 2014 | Uncategorized | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Some people think Ray Lewis and the way he kind of took part in a double murder didn’t deserve an NFL career, let alone an honorary statue outside the Ravens stadium. Those people simply do not understand how sports work.  Hometown fans will forgive a valuable player more sins than his own mother. When Kobe flew back from his rape trial for the Lakers game, fans gave him a standing ovation. People in San Francisco will still tell you with a straight face that Barry Bonds cranium grew two sizes larger due to listening to books on tape. Ravens fans just gave Ray Rice a standing ovation in preseason for having the courage to overcome the trauma of punching of his girlfriend in the face. Ray Lewis got a statue today and did his stupid squirrel dance and everybody cheered as the dead guys from 2000 tried to force a shit out of heaven. But it never came. If I was a Ravens fan, I probably would’ve been there screaming my fucking head off.

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