Suelyn Medeiros Squats for Humanity

September 30, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The best a foreigner with a big ass and dark hair can hope for is to be called the Kim Kardashian of her home country. It bestows upon the recipient all claim and title to be oiled and ready for rapper or top three professional sports franchise guaranteed contract money ballers. Also, you get some bikini model gigs for in-kind trade and a case of Otter Pops. Suelyn Medeiros is the Kim Kardashian of Brazil. Though I’m pretty she’s from L.A. and might be Puerto Rican. This isn’t like Heisman voting, you can’t take trophies back after the fact. You can watch Medeiros squat in the park for no apparent reason and decide for yourself. Until I see her dripping something that originated in a dude who can rhyme ‘forty’ with ‘shorty’ I’m putting in my vote for inconclusive on the Kardashian comparison.

Photo Credit: Splash

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