The Girls of Alpha Omicron Pi Are Kinda of Sexist

September 4, 2014 | WTF | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The girls of AOPi at the University of Florida aren’t waiting around for hackers to find them, they’re releasing their tits on their own terms. The seniors at the sorority decided a topless group photo would probably go mostly unnoticed on the web. It was really just for friends and family and for the doctor who worked on the first couple of girls up front. Wherein lies the problem. Not with taking topless photos of yourself. I hear even Jennifer Lawrence is doing that these days. But what’s with shoving all the small-titted girls to the back of the pack? That’s pretty sexist. It saddens me to see girls with the vaunted Gators degree victimized by the frat rape culture. I read that on a feminist site, while staring at the big tits on the co-ed up front.

A university spokesman says that nobody in the picture is in trouble because getting naked in your sorority house is not only perfectly legal, but it was actually giving him a huge pocket boner. Also, topless photos are what career services at University of Florida typically uses to find girls jobs after graduation. Art history major at UoF will only get you so many callbacks. A perfect smile and a nice set of tits will get you on Michael Bay’s short list for filming in Florida.

Photo credit: Twitter