Tyler Perry To Create Mini Beard

September 26, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Tyler Perry’s girlfriend is pregnant and about to give birth to something which could theoretically prove he is straight. Gelila Berkele is a model active in charitable causes such as getting clean water to Africans and dating flamboyant filmmaker types looking to appease their deeply homophobic fan base. Instead of gays queening up their lifestyle in everyone’s face, Perry’s fans think husband on husband blowjobs should be done tastefully in a church basement followed by deep prayer and lamentations for the weakness of the flesh. As a matter of objective taste, Tyler Perry’s fans are fucking retarded. You could argue with me, but you’d be arguing against science. I’ve seen the studies.

Perry will break up with his cover story girl when her contract expires and tote the kid around on Oprah as evidence his dick has been near a woman. This should allow him the opportunity to make the same cross-dressing laugh an hour domestic abuse fifteen to twenty more times before he’s arrested for soliciting prostitution by a cop in an airport bathroom. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. There is so much wrong with Tyler Perry movies.

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