Mama June Has Needs

October 28, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Mama June apparently planned on getting back together with the guy who molested her daughter once he got out of prison for molesting her daughter. According to vaguely sourced TMZ reports she kept a box of photos of her pedo crush which would often lead to arguments with husband Sugar Bear, who most likely disdains photos after seeing his wedding album and realizing who he married. The recently released molester, Mark McDaniel, has been seen hanging around Honey Boo Boo which is probably a parole violation and at the very least a terrible way to enjoy your freedom.

Sugar Bear has the unfortunate distinction of losing his wife to a convicted sexual predator. It’s hard to spin that. Sugar Bear joins the hallowed loser hall of fame with┬áBill Buckner and the extras in porn movies who just stand around and watch with their clothes on. The odds he takes out his wife and her pedo fuck buddy before turning the gun on himself are high. He’s got nothing to lose. Don’t be a pussy, Sugar. Go out a champ.

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