Miley Cyrus Obnoxiously Uninhibited

November 24, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 22nd birthday by riding a giant dick in a nightclub full of sex dolls and dildos stuck to the walls. I filled in the part where she ate enough molly to poke a hole in her highlights and got a train run on her by the partners at CAA in the champagne room. This is 2014 and people shouldn’t be squeamish about celebrating sex. They may however want to be squeamish about riding shimmering cocks in public because that’s gross behavior. Cyrus and her cronies may have been born under the wrong moon. The early 80’s offered a fairly uninhibited culture of sex and drugs which led to AIDS and Journey. This is kind of like that but without the spine. If you’re going to lick the ashes off the floor in a leather gay bar dungeon do it with some decorum.

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