Alcoholics Don’t Want Johnny Manziel

December 29, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Alcoholics don’t unite around much save for cheap ethanol and plastic shorts, but many seem pretty pissed that Skip Bayless in particular called out Johnny Manziel as an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a hapless disease, whereas Johnny Manziel chooses to drink himself into a regular stupor, affecting his work and personal life, and then lie about it when questioned. I think I get it. People with diseases deserve pity. Manziel deserves a a movie moment where he punches the wall then shaves his head and runs laps really hard.

It’s an affront not only to Manziel, but to the very serious disease of alcoholism. Trivializing it for a hot take is just the worst. Remember: Bill Simmons was suspended by ESPN for calling Roger Goodell a liar, now Bayless has called a player a liar AND an alcoholic.

Yeah, except Roger Goodell was a liar and Johnny Manziel’s been drinking steadily since high school. That’s not unusual for many of us Carl’s Jr. fry guys, but more unusual when you have tens of millions of dollars riding on you being sober and your family history says that might be a challenge. The Cowboys have a squadron of Eagle Scouts surrounding Dez Bryant at all times to control his inner gangster, the Browns might want to consider Al-Anonners with wretched stories whispering shit in Manziel’s ears while he slumbers on the floor of various Cuyahoga river area cathouses.

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