Gay Margret Cho Divorcing Gay Husband

December 22, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Margaret Cho’s bisexual open marriage has shockingly come to an end. Cho and her hipster artist husband had a house big enough they could routinely bring home other lovers without disturbing the other. That’s what she says but we all know there was a lot of listening through the vents and crying. Then the guy has to wipe his tears and hire some escorts the next night, say they’re fans and pay them to scream “Harder” while he knits an ironic dickey. Cho articulated the arrangement artfully:

“I’m all about commitment. And I’m all about marriage. And I’m all about family. And I’m queer also.”

What chick wouldn’t like her gash licked by a young Kate Bosworth or some random bar wench. Or pounded into hamburger by the roofer next door. It’s just something you just agree not to do when you get married. Unless its a chick, in which case if he refuses to participate he’s gay. Keep it under wraps like your husband’s sexuality and everyone’s happy. Except the hotel maid.

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