Chick Arrested For Diddling In Library

January 30, 2015 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Nineteen year old Oregon State dropout Kendra Sunderland (here’s her Vine page) apparently still has access to the school library. Without a lot of studying to do she decided to go in there and film herself stripping and making lady gravy for 31 minutes. The video really caught on amongst students, especially those who had her in Bio Lab. In fact the video got more than 260,000 views on PornHub which is probably more viewers than all the Academy Award nominated films combined. By some weird quirk of the law, It’s illegal for chicks to masturbate in state school libraries. Sunderland was arrested for public indecency after police witnessed the tape, fifteen to seventeen times, alone, except for those two officers who always seemed kind of tight. This is what is called a victimless crime. I applaud this brave young woman for taking control of her own body and not falling victim to the constructs of a male dominated society. Her body, her choice. Especially when uploaded to PornHub. She’s probably not the brightest dildo in the drawer but I’m still head over heels.

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