Sarah Palin’s Son Super Duper Cute Crushing the Family Pet

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Sarah Palin posted a Facebook photo of her son Trig stepping on the family dog and thought it was pretty damn adorable. She included a play by play narrative for anyone needing to confirm she actually condones this behavior:

“Determined to help wash dishes with an oblivious mama not acknowledging his signs for ‘up!’, found me and a lazy dog blocking his way. He made his stepping stone.”

Everything your kids do isn’t inherently amazing. Even the smart ones. The not so smart ones, forget about it. There’s a curve. Your tykes aren’t all on the glorious ringing end of the bell. Somebody’s kids are clanging the bottom with their foreheads and giggling. You might have to tell your offspring to take their dicks out of the bunny rabbit or to quit hitting the beagle in the shins with bamboo shoots until it refuses meals.

PETA immediately blasted Palin calling this animal abuse. It’s nearly impossible to side with the crazy fuck at PETA, except this is a cool dog. We should eagerly vivisect and consume all God’s animal bounty save for dogs over fifty pounds who are invariably much better than people. In this case, I call for buying a back brace for the dog and dissecting the kid. That seems Hammurabi.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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