Jay Z Might’ve Made a 21-Year Old Baby

February 20, 2015 | Uncategorized | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

If you believe Jay Z’s lyrics, he banged a bunch of bitches on the way up. If you believe his attorneys, he doesn’t live in any of his three homes in New Jersey and therefore doesn’t need to comply with a Jersey court order to provide a DNA sample to see if he’s the dad of a 21-year old whose mom he barebacked about this kid’s age plus nine months ago. You can’t blame a kid for wanting to know who his real father is when his real father is worth half a billion and could hook him up with some sweet rides and high class pussy. It’s one thing to be the son of a loose woman from Jersey, it’s another to be Jay Z’s kid. There have been rumored payoffs in the past to keep other offspring from popping up while magazines continue to pretend the stripper baby Blue Ivy is something of a lineage novelty. If this paternity claim turns out to be true, it could very well cost Jay Z in his marriage to Beyonce. I’d estimate that cost at about one Vanessa Bryant ring plus ten percent. I don’t care how rich you get, it’s got to irk you that every chick you nailed in your 20’s is now costing you a suitcase filled with cash.

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