Cancel Your Twitter Account, Thank Me Later

March 23, 2015 | Uncategorized | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The Disney Channel is making a movie about that chick who pitched in the Little League World Series last summer, Mo’ne Davis. Pretty much the whole world either found it inspirational that a girl was pitching in the LLWS for the first time ever or they didn’t give a shit. Those would be the two appropriate responses. Joey Casselberry, a college pitcher at Bloomsburg University felt the need to call this fourteen year old female pitcher a slut. Red alert, Joey. After the fact deletion is not an option. Casselberry¬†got booted from the university baseball team.

The fact that your employer or family or school will disown you if you say incredibly stupid shit on social media is not new news. It’s old news. Maybe Grandpa doesn’t get it. Every kid in college does. You’ve Tweeted 3,900 times. The odds were running ever longer against you. Nobody can say 3,900 things without saying something that’s blatantly offensive.¬†That’s why you don’t publish everything that comes to your mind at 2am when you’re drunk and angry. Social media was not designed to open up your hurt locker and flush out your darkness. Well, not under your real name. Welcome to famous, Joey Casselberry.

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