Nick Cannon Seems Fortunate

March 18, 2015 | NSFW | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

It’s unclear what Nick Cannon does well outside of boning the right women. That might just be enough in this age of gender equality. Nick Cannon is currently nailing Jessica White, the SI model with nice yabbos. Cannon has publicly denied he’s seeing anybody, because his suitcase full of Mariah Carey divorce cash has yet to be delivered. Also, he’s super busy:

I’m not dating anyone .?.?. I don’t have time .?.?. I’m trying to focus on being the best father I can possibly be, and business, we have so many things, from the book to my philanthropic efforts to all the shows and movies I’m producing.

I suppose by ‘we’ he means himself and somebody who’s actually doing those other things. Nick Cannon seems to mostly DJ and bang chicks way above his natural rank. You can’t blame a man tapped with the lucky stick for taking full advantage of his situation. It’d be admirable if he’d just lose the mustache. That’s just gloating.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Bullet Magazine

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