Suge Knight Living On A Prayer

March 11, 2015 | Uncategorized | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Suge Knight is claiming self-defense in his murder trial where he purposefully slammed his truck at speed into a mortal human being. Footage of the event shows a guy apparently attacking Knight through the window so Knight high tails it in reverse and knocks the guy to the ground. At this fork in the road, Knight has two clear choices: put the car in drive and flee or put the car in drive and run over the attacker’s supposed cohort. He chose the latter and gunned it San Andreas style killing the shit out of Terry Carter. It is believed both truck damaged men were carrying guns, so Knight’s defense rests on the fact Carter could have shot him through the window if he’d simply tried to flee. As a man who has been shot 347 times, Suge Knight brings some experience to such matters.

Knight’s defense does not mention why he rolled up on his two adversaries in the first place, but it is widely believed he is a troublemaking psychopath who drinks the blood of his enemies through a crazy straw. His defense claims the video exonerates him by way of self-defense, the prosecution says it shows him running a guy over on purpose at full speed. Both could end up being true. Prison bars haven’t been able to hold him yet. Knight should definitely lose a point on his license and have to speak to kindergarten classes about the sound a person’s body make when you plow into it at 30 mph with a 5,000 lb. truck. Watch for the looks on the kids’ faces when Suge screams ‘Crunch!’.

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