Texas Southern Calls It Quits (VIDEO)

March 11, 2015 | WTF | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

A super Southern women’s basketball game between Texas Southern and Southern University ended in a giant brawl making it the first entertaining women’s basketball game on record. Fifteen players were suspended in total, if you are to trust the school’s official statements and believe they actually have teams. Until now the roster information existed only in the form of exposition when discussing urban legends and the kid everyone remembers jumping off Miller’s Point that one summer. Because so many of Texas Southern’s players were involved they will not be able to play in the upcoming Southwestern Athletic Conference Tournament which shockingly does exist. Southern ended up winning the game in a forfeit after the game was called off to which all parties agreed should happen more often. Some solid blows were thrown even though the game was apparently filmed on a betamax by someone in the later stages of Parkinson’s. Nonetheless I applaud these ladies for doing something half interesting. Now tell me about that girl who can dunk again.

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