Things Not To Say When Your Neighbor Kills 150 People

March 26, 2015 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There are only two reasons why a news crew will ever come ask questions about your neighbor. He’s the new President or he’s just killed a whole bunch of innocent people. Look at your neighbor. He’s not going to be President. I’m still amazed at the dipshits who provide the ‘he seemed pleasant, a quiet guy’ response to the reporter chick with the microphone. I don’t care if his snickerdoodles were the hit of the block party and he once rescued Mr. Freckles from a tree.

It looks now almost certain that this Germanwings/Lufthansa co-pilot, Andreas Lubbitz, intentionally locked the bladder weak pilot out of the cockpit and smashed a plane full of 150 mostly German tourists returning from Barcelona into the French alps. Nobody knows why he did it. Eventually the depression and pills and failed relationship and ties to some weird cult group that meets at the local Wienerwald will come out. For now, he was just a suicidal head case who decided to take a shitload of innocent people along to his final destination. Don’t be the inevitable clueless neighbor with this quote:

He always seemed very polite and always said hello and I said hello back.

If you were Hitler’s neighbor in 1911, it was cool to say he had a sweet mustache and was a decent painter. Not so much after you were made aware of his Final Solution. You barely knew this Lufthansa pilot. What you do know is that he just crashed a full airliner into a mountain on purpose. Oh, he also said hello and you said hello back? Dick. Put this in your back pocket for next time: “I sensed something was wrong with this guy. It’s the eyes. I was on my way to alert the authorities when I heard of the tragedy. If only I could have saved those lives. I’ll live with this forever.’

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