Blac Chyna Mocks Kylie Jenner

April 22, 2015 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I can’t imagine the wave of emotion that sweeps over a 26-year old stripper when her baby daddy decides he prefers to statutory rape bang a 17-year old Kardashian. Despair mixed with gin and a tonic of regret for thinking basic literacy was for losers. Blac Chyna has decided to attack Kylie Jenner where it counts, on social media, with grade school slams on her hyper inflated lips and lack of grown up after-sex gifts.

I don’t know the exact rules of whore fights, but I’m pretty sure the last girl to get gonorrhea wins. Kylie may have the mind of a child who dined on too many lead paint chips, but she got the Tyga. She’s owns the Skank Throne until such time as another usurps her seat. Blac Chyna has her black men’s magazine ass modeling gigs and her burgeoning eyelash extension business. That ought to be enough. Let Kylie have a bastard rapper baby. If recessive genes could speak, they’d thank you.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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