JWoww Jumps The Shame Train

May 22, 2015 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

JWoww, also known as patient zero, recently had a baby and was photographed by some paparazzi looking like a baby just came out of her moments earlier. Some tabloids made snarky jabs at her for being a not toned grease monkey with puke in her hair or something, just spitballing. JWoww hit back by posting the same photos to Instagram along with an inspirational ode to herself:

“At the end of the day I am not perfect and neither is my body. And to make it worse someone decided to sell even more awkward photos of me on vacation with my family. So the tabloids can get a nice laugh and write mean things… I will never try to follow the trend and of being stick thin, I follow the trend of what I love in life… And what I love is me.”

It’s unclear if JWoww was actually hurt by the photos or was just glad anyone still cares and knows body shaming is a trending topic on Jezebel along with #stuffedcrust. I don’t recommend antiquated practices such as having your feet bound, wearing corsets or getting pregnant but all things considered she doesn’t look half bad. Loving yourself unconditionally is a slippery slope. It’s really only the approval of others which leads up to wipe our ass in the morning. That’s the luckiest silicon on the face of the earth.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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