Conrad Hilton Skates

June 17, 2015 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

If Rachel Dolezal wasn’t being race shamed, she’d tell you that a person of color would’ve got stuck worse than Conrad Hilton for going postal on a transcontinental flight. The Hilton boy heir got fried out of his gourd on a British Airways nonstop from Miami to Los Angeles last summer and proceeded to belittle or punch his fellow travelers, depending on his intoxicated analysis of who could or could not kick his ass back. He also violated the terms of his pre-trial bond by smoking hella dope. Today Conrad Hilton got sentences to three years probation and community service. Also, his family attorney has to buy beers for the judge on the 19th hole for the next four Sundays. Hilton apologized to the court and promised to go to rehab to get rid of all his asshole, even if that meant there’d be nothing left.

Kathy Hilton celebrated her son’s favorable criminal court rulings with cocktails and showing off her newish tits. A family is nothing without social inappropriate traditions. None of this seems fair, but it all seems normal.

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