Paige Vanzant At Fighting Weight

June 5, 2015 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

21 year old UFC fighter Paige Vanzant posted a photo of herself lounging at the pool and looking shockingly normal to way above average, barely resembling the chick who recently submitted another fighter with repeated elbows to the head. I still don’t like watching girls fight. Mainly because I think it’s stupid when guys do it and I don’t equate women’s liberation to copying the retarded¬†testosterone fueled actions of guys who start bar fights over a drop of beer touching their flip flop. There’s also probably an element of not wanting a chick I was dating to attain cauliflower ears or knock out my front teeth when she hacked my cell phone. I’d still go to the trouble of getting a few tribal tats and rocking an Affliction T if it meant getting a piece of that. Looking like a moron is a small price to pay for a chick who knows what to do with a leg lock. Plus it’s fun to end a blow job with a tap out.

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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