2 Chainz Down With Dorky Mayor

July 29, 2015 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Thomas McDermott is the mayor of Hammond Indiana, which is just outside of Chicago but sometimes on a moonless night you can still hear the bullets flying. McDermott recently shut down a concert by serial firearms offender Chief Keef, even though Keef only appeared as a hologram onstage, leading the officers to struggle with the cuffs like a cat chasing a laser pointer. McDermott wanted to show he’s no prude, so he made a point to pose with 2 Chainz and make sure the kids know he’s down with the hip hop, just not the stuff about guns and gangs and drugs and sex, so maybe he’s not really down with it at all and is embarrassing himself. Nonetheless he offered a super fake smile and probably took a hit of weed and said something quasi racist in the greenroom before excusing himself. As long as he approves of what you say, free speech will thrive in Hammond. Failing that he’ll be developing a hologram law enforcement team to hand lollipops out at high school football games. They work great because you can shoot them and nobody gets hurt. People are dancing. Bring in RoboCop.

Photo Credit: Twitter 

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