Miesha Tate In Shape

July 7, 2015 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

UFC fighter Miesha Tate posted a photo of her ass to Instagram most likely out of boredom or insecurity or possibly a keen flare for self promotion. Don’t get your hopes up she’s banging a cauliflower eared psycho named Mike Caraway. The type of guy who breaks pool cues over your back in a roadhouse. Tate also saved his mom’s life on a snorkeling trip as you would imagine. When they get down to banging hotel rooms get destroyed and towel racks get broken. She twice¬†lost an eye. I’d definitely let her put me in a figure four leg lock and tap out with my balls. Squats are good for you. Getting punched in the face not so much. Still, that ass. Put on these cuffs and don’t turn around. Yes I believe in¬†romance.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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