The Guy From Puddle Of Mudd On A Roll

August 7, 2015 | Uncategorized | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

After being arrested for driving four times over the legal limit a little under two weeks ago, that one guy from that one song let’s throw shit at him West Scantlin was again issued a DUI, this time in South Dakota which is stupid because driving while wasted there poses no more danger than doing donuts in an empty parking lot. Scantlin doesn’t really give a shit about being arrested, and in fact was once booked for riding a baggage carousel at the airport. To be fair a lot of this has to do with his terrible face. Profiling works. He’s also a fan of domestic abuse and drug abuse. Basically any kind of abuse to occupy whatever time he would have spent writing songs is fine in my book. If this guy has to take out a few telephone poles in the name of better bands at the state fair so be it. Miraculously Scantlin was released from jail even though Scantlin clearly isn’t a real name and he made it up once while drunk. From here he’s off to plow a tractor through a Color Me Mine until he’s finally forced to go through the bends in County. Fucking Scantlin.

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