Hilary Duff Is On to Something

Hilary Duff See Through Top Three years after becoming a mom, Hilary Duff is still griping about how celebrities are treated after the birth of their only child. All you want to do is spend a couple hours on Twitter while your Peruvian nanny has your infant for the winter and there are complete strangers critiquing your figure. Imagine the horror. First imagine the sound of pressed juice stopping cold in a straw.

Duff fails to mention her public relations team feeding pregnancy photos to the magazines throughout gestation, the inevitable co-promoted People spread on new baby, and the women's health magazine feature photoshoot and cover story about getting back in bikini shape before the mall tour and divorce. It's the game. LeBron doesn't complain about being fouled. Wait. I was the guy who wrote how your bigger mom tits looked super fuckable. Life is too short to be negative. Can I get a retweet?

Photo Credit: Redbook

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