Holland Taylor Going Down on Sarah Paulsen, It’s Beautiful, STFU

December 2, 2015 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

There’s something reassuring about lesbians being as grossly opportunistic about who they’re banging as men. It makes them more relatable than that Soul Cycle crowd wearing black horn rimmed glasses and repeating the word ‘patriarchy’ like a five year old who just looked it up in the dictionary. Two and a Half Men actress Holland Taylor let it slip that she’s finger banging the snot out of Sarah Paulson. The much younger chick from American Horror Story. Taylor looks like your grandma if your grandma went trolling for young pussy but kept it classy. It doesn’t bother me when a man dates a chick half his age but it does give me the willies to see an old lady scissor kissing a girl who could be her daughter. That’s because I embrace double standards like Holland Taylor embraces moist and youthful vagina. With vigor and a cat-like purr. I know this May-December lesbian relationship isn’t just about sex, but that’s the only part I care about. Run, Dorothy.

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