Taylor Lianne Chandler Almost Died for Love

December 23, 2015 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The trans chick Michael Phelps banged during his epic 2014 bender announced she tried to kill herself when Phelps refused to acknowledge their whirlwind romance. Phelps suffered the kind of forgetfulness you have when you wake up from a month of swigging vodka rocks and you notice that barfly you’ve been banging just told the Enquirer she was born with a dick. How did I not notice that? Also, what state am I in? Please say something contiguous to North Carolina. I have a meet.

Taylor Lianne Chandler claims she was surprised by Phelps reaction to never talk to her again after selling her trans sex with Michael Phelps story to the highest bidder. Some guys way overreact to that moment. Chandler claims she lost her job as an interpreter in Washington and had to turn to porn to pay the rent like so many unemployed interpreters. When Phelps continued to ignore her pleas to re-humiliate the shit out of him, she dropped fifty morphine and sleeping pills hoping to end it all. But she just got lightly buzzed and ended up at a Taco Bell Drive-Thru. Worst attempted suicide story ever.

Wait, there’s a happy ending. Chandler now realizes that losing her life over a former fling who vomits thinking about the times he fucked her is just plain silly. She’s now a happy-go lucky 40-something unemployed tranny with a porn and suicide history looking for love . Her Tinder profile just says she likes hiking and reading. Who’s next?

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