Iggy Azalea Out of Ideas

January 22, 2016 | Photos | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Iggy Azalea had a crappy 2015. An innocent child stepped forward and pointed at her and said her music sucked and her ass was gross and the teen mob awoke from a peer pressure coma. Azalea quit Twitter eleven times after backlash from copping to up to half of her plastic surgical enhancements in the name of full disclosure. Her scheduled Fall tour was canceled without anybody putting any time into a real fake excuse. They ultimately went with ebola concerns which they later broadened simply to ‘black people problems’. Desperate for a turnaround, Azalea went on Twitter to announce she’d pissed herself at the dentist’s office while sedated for multiple root canals on her rotted teeth. Sexy. I heard Tupac shit himself after being shot. This isn’t the same. Can’t you get T.I. write your Tweets as well?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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