Mindy Kaling Is A Hero

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Mindy Kaling is a hero. She wore a corset, Spanx, lots of makeup, and high heels to a recent award ceremony. Because she’s a proud and strong woman who shirks society’s unrealistic expectations about physical appearance. To resolve these dissonant identities, she posted a picture of herself in the aforementioned corset and Spanx, so it’s all good. Then she swiped her pits with deodorant and playfully continued her rationalization for conforming,

I’m being honored with the Pillsbury award for best muffin top.¬†Sorry you can’t shave cheese on my clavicle. Yes I’ve tried to do that. But I will accept my award because the Pillsbury people are doing important work and because I have been described as poppin’ fresh.”

Adorable. I think men shouldn’t care about the size of their penises. Now ignore my drawer full of penis pumps. A superficial life is immensely easier when you accept that you’re not that good looking. That’s actually for Kelly Osbourne. But it’s okay if you heard it too, Mindy Kaling.

Photo credit: Mindy Kaling / Instagram

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