Theo Huxtable Wants His Money

March 7, 2016 | crowd favorites | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Struck by a selfless epiphany, Malcolm Jamal Warner wants to know why Bill Cosby’s work is being removed from syndication while other sexual offenders in television and film seem unaffected by their own untoward sexual dalliances of the past.

You look at just how the media is playing this whole thing out and I can’t help but think about Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Stephen Collins, [it’s] very clear the crimes they’ve committed. But there is no one that’s calling for Woody’s movies to be pulled off the air. Roman Polanski is still celebrated. Stephen Collins’ show still comes on. It’s interesting how it’s very unbalanced.

Woody Allen was accused by one woman and that was his ex-wife during a custody battle. He was never even charged. Roman Polanski did quaalude and plow a fourteen year old chick in the ass. He was forced to flee the country and live in France for forty years where teen sodomy is considered not as bad as drinking red wine with fish. Stephen Collins hasn’t booked a single paid gig since his ex-wife busted him for admitting to flashing his pedo-johnson to middle school girls in the 70’s. Cosby’s super fucking famous and he has over fifty women accusing him of drugging them and cumming in their ear canals. That’s going to get you front page ink. Even Warner seems halfhearted in his race card pull and later admitted his dander is mostly related to the residual checks stopping. Total bullshit. You didn’t rape an entire zip code worth of women. I feel for you. If you have to get a job this rises to tragedy.

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