Tyler Perry’s Passion

March 21, 2016 | celebrity | josh-j | 0 Comments

Tyler Perry finally found the intersection in the Venn diagram of people who still pay to watch shit and don’t have DVRs (black people) and Jesus freaks. Tyler Perry’s Passion. No, not dad bods. Jesus to the cross. The live musical performance on Fox was set in modern-day New Orleans, Jesus’s favorite city. That’s why he sent his best hurricane. The bold production included the Last Supper and the Crucifixion and Tyler Perry throwing to commercials in between New Testament verses:

When we return, Judas struggles with an unthinkable decision. We’ll be right back.

The part of Jesus was played by Jencarlos Canela who belted out a Katy Perry song on the hi-rise cross. Christ added a Creed song for his disciples. So typical of a dude who never gets laid. Crappy playlist. American Idol alumnus Chris Daughtry portrayed Judas but everybody watching figured out the ruse pretty quickly and went back to blaming the Jews for the death of their savior. Based on the audience reaction and the pre-screened audience interviews, this was the best thing since Kraft upped the Velveeta blocks to quarter pound bulk. People tuning in for the Simpsons thought this was the best episode ever. Why is Jesus wearing lipstick?

Photo credit: Fox / Passion

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