Chelsea Handler Talent Never Fully Appreciated

April 20, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Chelsea Handler is prepping for her new Nexflix gig by shit kicking the E! Channel which paid her five million a year to deliver tired Britney Spears jokes to gay men getting dressed for the clubs:

“It was incredibly frustrating. You’re a reflection of the company you keep, and I wasn’t impressed with anybody. The people I was working with on the network side, they never could think big. I just wanted to leave, to be somewhere else.

Handler could’ve included an obvious exception for the chief executive’s dick she rode to get the plum gig, but this is war.

Handler claims she was offered many talk shows after her deal with E! ended but she turned them all down because she didn’t want be doing the same old same old. So she’s doing a talk show at Netflix. This one’s going to allow her to be totally uncensored. Which sounds like a nude beaches loaded with amazing looking co-eds and not German hausfraus tanning their gunt fat as they inevitably are. Either Netflix has a massively underreported single males over thirty-five and loves cats demo or they’re about to take a huge bath on Handler. No amount of censored topless photos uploaded to Instagram can account for that loss. Though never uploading again comes close.

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