James Franco Is A Little Gay

April 21, 2016 | celebrity | josh-j | 0 Comments

James Franco has come out of the closet. A little bit. He told reporters, “I’m a little gay.” This is the sexual-orientation equivalent of dipping a toe in the ocean to test the temperature. In Hollywood, you used to have to lie about swallowing cock with your starfish. Also take on super masculine action roles like John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and Vin Diesel. More recently, Hollywood has hailed you as a hero for coming out, but good luck getting any straight roles after that. Gay Franco feels the tide may be turning, but he’s unwilling to go full-gay yet, adding, “you could say I’m a gay cock tease.” Safer to say you’re a little gay and gauge reactions. It’s called, “just the tip.” A game he knows well. Time for the full shaft, Franco. It’s too heavy a load to carry all alone. Share it with some guy’s hairy lower back. You’ll get film roles. Just different. More poetry please.

Photo credit: James Franco / Instagram 

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