Tanya Burr Has Bikini Ass Confidence

May 10, 2016 | bikini | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Tanya Burr is the YouTube and Instagram shit in England. Her fashion and lifestyle channels consume the attention of every single British chick not sporting an overbite and singing sad songs in a pub. Burr offers up gems of advice you can’t find anywhere else, save for every single women’s magazine ever published.

I always tell girls to find what they like and accentuate it. My friend Nic has amazing long, slim legs, so if she’s having a bad day she’ll wear a baggy top and skinny jeans. It’s all about highlighting your good points.

On a good day she also wears a baggy top and skinny pants. Thanks. We’ve seen chubby college Freshman at cold weather colleges before. 

Burr splits her time battling body shamers and thanking her supporters for blindly complimenting her looks. She came under fire this week when she looked fat and shlubby in candid bikini photos on vacation in Miami.  Quite different than her YouTube videos and Instagram photos where she looks like somebody you should listen to about looking beautiful.

Burr denied she edits any of her photos before posting. She blames the unflattering bikini shots on the direct sunlight of Miami. It adds twenty pounds. To each appendage. She then posted an exact duplicate of the previously publicized paparazzi photos to Snapchat and was praised for her bravery in the face of shaming. Stupid people aren’t really looking for reality checks. The Cleveland Browns still sell tickets. 

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