Nicki Minaj And Madonna Fashion Forward

The Met Gala is New York's version of the Oscars, only you don't have to have a job to attend, just a really expensive dress. Until fully audited, consider it a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum which needs to remain open so student filmmakers at NYU have somewhere to guerrilla shoot. More movies about what it's like to grow up with two literati parents who ignored you, please.

The evening is all about fashion, which means millions of dollars are transferred from wealthy women to Type A men with trunks full of Speedos in Turks and Caicos. It's tough to constantly outdo yourself in fashion, but it's absolutely necessary if you want dumb people to insist you look amazing. Nicki Minaj and Madonna showed up as if the Sultan's special erection assistant drew them an outfit to arrive in for their night with His Majesty. If you can wear it to the Met Gala or the Thunderdome, it's at least versatile. If you ask how the food was, you're wasting your time. 

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Photo Credit: Splash

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