Charlotte McKinney Won't Quit


The fact that a blond chick with giant tits and a tiny waist has to work this hard to get ahead speaks to the level of competition in the Does She Even Speak, Who the Hell Cares sector of the digital media sector. What used to earn you an older husband with substantial real estate holdings barely guarantees you more than a car show appearance in the social media age.

Thank a million new women taking keenly filtered pictures of their chest and ass. You went to Harvard? Wonderful. I just got the same degree from an online university in eleven hours and I was masturbating half the time. The Internet levels the playing field. Work in the not quite stripping field is 365 days a year. You can take a day off when there's a seven figure insurance policy listing you as sole beneficiary. Keep posing. You're getting warmer.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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