Bella Hadid Does Shit In Her Calvins

July 7, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The Calvin Klein brand is hoping to merge the world of underwear shopping with dramatic narrative storytelling. Calvin Klein himself is just hoping to merge into young men in briefs in the finished attic of his Hampton’s home. The brand’s underwear campaign features celebrity models completing the sentence “I ____ in my Calvin’s”. Bella Hadid chose ‘I make love in my Calvins’ because that’s what they told her to pick to sound provocative. Kate Moss went with ‘I Kate in my Calvins’ which makes no sense but nothing does in Wonderland so why not down some Eat Me cakes. Which is the cocaine loo again? 

A woman who gets paid to pretend marketing requires an advanced degree noted the ingenuity of the campaign:

We are inviting the consumer into our world to experience personal storytelling that no other brand can offer them. Our approach is digital-first, video-led and socially powered, providing our audience with an authentic and intimate experience that they can consume and share.

Thanks, Draper. How about an official looking stamp showing no child labor was involved and let me know the MSRP of a 3-pack at Target. I skidmark in my Calvin’s. Now you know what authenticity really looks like.

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein

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