Bai Ling In A Bikini on a Parking Lot Roof


Bai Ling was for one shining 90's moment the go-to Chinese chick in Hollywood movies. There can be only one. There are only so many action films going ensemble enough to require Asian. That's just demographics. Get in line behind black and Latino sidekicks.

Yen dumping has murdered the currency exchange on SAG residuals. That how you find yourself a couple months shy of fifty in bikinis or simply masking tape over your nubs to movie premieres where you insist the smudge on the invite list is your name in Cantonese script. That's some slender body on a half century old chick. It's amazing what lack of skin shifting plastic surgery and not being Nordic can do for the aging process. 

There are worse hobbies for attractive women than randomly showing up places half-naked. Like every other hobby.

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Photo Credit: Splash

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