Hope Solo Quits For Real, Fuck, What Now for Women’s Soccer?

August 31, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Women’s soccer was invented so people would stop bitching about how lame men’s soccer was. It’s not working. There was that time that masculine chick in a restrictive sports bra took her jersey off and that’s all I remember. Until Hope Solo. Drunken raging redneck from a broken family of fucked up troublemakers. Really, that’s what sports is missing in the modern era. Old school don’t give a fucks.

In addition to being moderately attractive, Solo would occasionally get wasted and say or do stupid shit. Like call the Swedes cowards for playing keep away ball to run the clock out in their Olympic match with the U.S. Let alone baking strudel for the Nazis on their march toward the heavy water plants in Norway. Doing absolutely nothing is how you succeed at soccer. Solo never jibed.

Solo was suspended from the U.S. team and since the U.S. team pays for her contract in the National Women’s Soccer League which can’t possibly be real or make money, she quit that too. You won’t have Hope Solo to kick around anymore. Unless it’s a bar fight in Seattle and she kicks first. 

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