Joe Simpson Alley Catting

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Since leaving his leather pants ministry-ship and heterosexual marriage, Joe Simpson has spent the better part of his days hanging by pools and pretending to be a talent manager. It’s unclear who he manages outside of one young model, Jonathan Keith, with whom he travels like a conjoined twin. It’s never the sex that kills you, it’s the lies. Though in this case also the sex.

Joe Simpson recently took up photography. A hobby popular among older men who love illicit young flesh and also people even weirder than that. He invited Ama Sambora to join in his latest beach shoot of his “client” in a Speedo. Sambora’s flat bottom providing Simpson a measure of tolerance required to ensure his iris settings captured Keith’s bulge for eternity.

With pastor, child talent manager, and male Lycra crotch photographer on his resume, it’s unclear what creepy leaning occupation Simpson will select next. If a gentleman resembling a poor man’s Gary Busey’s comes to your local library asking to volunteer, call the See Something Say Something number. Simply announce “Joe Simpson” then hang up and pray for the Spanish speaking kids with no parental supervision.

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