Donald Trump Fat Shaming Victim Has A History

September 28, 2016 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Hillary Clinton mentioned Alicia Machado the other day because Donald Trump once called her Miss Piggy decades back. Way to stay on message. These are the issues that matter to most Americans, who are mostly obese by the way. Machado won Miss Universe when Trump owned the rights to it and proceeded to gain some weight like many women from South America. Trump publicly criticized her because he had his mail order hooker wife on a calorie regimen. It turns out Machado is not so much a victim but a dangerous criminal who reportedly helped her boyfriend murder someone and threatened to kill a judge in her native Venezuela, making her a candidate there for Citizen of the Year. Nonetheless she’s seizing on this opportunity to talk shit about Trump, who is a real piece of shit, but actually not a murderer as far as we know:

“Basically by sharing my experience and focusing on abuse against women, the disrespect to women, violence against women, must end.”

Machado went on to claim that she’s been an activist on this issue for the past twenty years even though that’s a total lie. She’s probably a sociopath. Hence the desire to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. Really, how many non-earthlings are represented? Talk about discrimination. You know you’re a piece of shit when actual criminals are looking down on you. Still if you have the choice between being called fat or shot in the back, there’s a clear best option. If this game entails blowing Donald Trump, go with the gun.

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