Mia Farrow Loses Yet Another

September 22, 2016 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

In Third World nations, mothers have an endless number of babies existentially aware that some simply won’t make it. You start using contraception in areas of tremendously high child mortality and next thing you know you have no living offspring and the population of your perennially starving arid desert based peoples starts dwindling in numbers. That’s bad business for late night informercial charities.

In addition to her own four bio kids, Mia Farrow has ten adopted kids from super shitty places around the world. Her third adopted child died yesterday in a car crash. Thaddeus Farrow was just twenty-seven. Thaddeus was taken from an orphanage in India as a tot with polio and no use of his legs. Vietnamese adopted daughter Lark Previn made it to thirty-five, though by twenty-five she started suffering from HIV/AIDS. Tam Farrow, a post Woody Allen breakup adoptee, made it to nineteen before congestive heart failure.

This is no time for judgements, it’s a time for mourning. Though if it were a time for judgements, adoption agencies might look at the survival rates among the children put in Farrow’s care. Not to mention the adopted daughter who started sleeping with Farrow’s live-in boyfriend, Woody Allen. Though she’s alive, which is a thing.

70% seems like a pretty inferior rate of raising your kids into adulthood in the United States. Granted, these kids had issues based upon birth and circumstance, though those don’t seem to be the issues that took their lives. Fourteen seems like a lot to look after properly. Especially as a busy woman involved in numerous hunger strikes and decades old child custody molestation allegations. Maybe you raise three and if they’re all alive and gainfully employed at thirty, you go back for a second bite.

This is where you have to feel for the well-off gay couple who can’t get themselves one damn Chinese baby to hyper care for.

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