Vicki Gunvalson Starts Incorruptible Charity

September 29, 2016 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

If your ex boyfriend lied about having lymphoma and forged documents to prove it, there are a few things you’re just not supposed to do. Starting a cancer charity may be first on the list. Also, associating yourself with in any way with cancer or talking ever again to other adults. Vicki Gunvalson is a haggard idiot who’s on Real Housewives of Orange County. Apparently out of pure ego she is now starting a supposed charity called Kill All Cancer to prove that she really really doesn’t like cancer, the real kind. She plans to do this through “bracelet sales and donations.” Let’s get the IRS on this immediately. Kill All Cancer is not listed as a charitable site. They have a GoFundMe page which is currently sucking ass. Gunvalson explains herself, poorly:

“Cancer obviously was very relevant in my life last year. People tried to label me as in on a whole fake cancer scheme. What are they going to do? Criticize me for opening a charity to try and help find a cure? Working with a cancer charity will prove the naysayers out there who said I was in on something or that I lied that I’ve got nothing to hide. Period… This ‘Kill All Cancer’ policy will be something people will buy, and then if they ever got sick, this will help people get back on their feet again. This is up my wheelhouse — I’m all about insurance, I’m all about charities, so I’m all in.”

These comments appear to contradict the charity’s own website which states they will simply accept donations and give them to other charities. So, skip a completely pointless and probably unethical step in the process and just give to a real charity. Interesting she used the word Buy. If only there were a charity aimed at eradicating our worst cancer epidemic our nation has faced, reality show trash. I’d buy into that one. 

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